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Flying Chairs

Michelle Morris

Chinoise Original Watercolours

I have always painted in oils as I find them more patient with me. When I first arrived in England, I found so much inspiration from its profound history that shaped its landscape and architecture, I could not help but pick up my brush and paint historic places Mike took me to visit. I felt so privileged even when the local gallery in Havant allowed me to exhibit these.
Our visit to the Royal Pavilion in Brighton when I was pregnant with Ellie would prove influential, as I was beguiled and enchanted by the hand-painted Chinese wallpapers commissioned for King George IV by Henry Holland. Known for his passion for visual arts and fascination with the mythical orient, the king exquisitely furnished and decorated the then Marine Pavilion with the most beautiful and exotic Chinese wallpapers in 1802. I saw them and fell in love.
Being members of the National Trust, we are fortunate to access these beautiful creations from the 18th century when we can. From an extensive list of historic Chinese wallpaper locations, the ones we were lucky to visit and see from the following places were as expected, exquisite and enthralling: Chatsworth House, Derbyshire/ Clandon Park, Surrey/ Harewood House, West Yorkshire/ Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire/ Osterley Park, Hounslow and our almost local Uppark, West Sussex.
Today I present this enthrallment and love of chinoiserie in my watercolour artworks, as I continue to study the techniques used by 18th century Chinese hand painters to produce these delightfully captivating nature and garden scenes. I am currently using watercolours and different types of Chinese and Japanese rice papers, traditionally used for calligraphy and painting. Made from plant fibres, their delicate texture and appearance deceive their excellent ability to absorb water, causing the ink to blur. I am truly enjoying every second of exploring where this material could take me.
Chinoiserie lover or not, I think it is safe to say that we are all one with nature… and this feeling to be in and with it has deepened and strengthened in a time like no other with what we all have gone through this past year. It is my greatest ambition to promote the beauty of nature and its preservation in a way that I have always loved doing… colour and art. I truly hope you will like them.
February, 2021

Nathaniel Mundia

Digital Masterpieces

Nathaniel is a multi-media artist born and based in Manila, Philippines. From a family of six siblings, he is our second youngest and the most persevering in his art. He studied Fine Arts, initially with a major in painting and later shifted on to advertising. After university he worked as an illustrator for children’s textbooks but his determination to use his talent was soon realised when he started working in animation. Sent to Japan to train, Nathaniel enjoyed the animated movies and shows made by the company where he worked for several years. He then proceeded to become an interior artist in Kuwait, painting murals and wall designs by commission and has been working with a digital illustration and graphic design company since his return to Manila. He has conducted summer art workshops for children in the past and held exhibits in Manila to display his personal artworks.
If there is a common passion shared by my brother and myself, Nathaniel and I both love expressing through art with nature as our compelling inspiration. And if there is one thing, we as a family are all certain of, Nathaniel is one of the kindest and most sincere human beings anybody would come to meet. And this is reflected in his art.
Although he enjoys creating digital art, his first love of watercolour painting prevails. With the use of effervescent colours, his artworks are so engaging it is almost inevitable not to be drawn. The energy in his art is evident, parallel to his subject matter which are often derived from life itself. I can't wait to feature his watercolour works here in the website soon.
I do think Nathaniel’s talent is simply extraordinary, and I feel blessed to have him, to be working together again and have the opportunity to share what we love doing... our art.


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