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The Blessings of Summer

Summer is such a special time. Everything is alive and thriving, bringing with it vibrancy, profusion and a magnificent abundance of flora and fauna, an admirer of nature such as myself can’t help but be inspired.

Latest News: About Us

 This year we have been fortunate to visit two new countries for our holidays which introduced us to different plant species and beautiful wildlife, which I would love to incorporate into my art soon.

 The Dominican Republic was a tropical paradise where we had the chance to visit a sugar and coffee plantation. We loved the egrets we saw in our resort every day, looking regal with their breeding plumages out.

In May we had an incredibly special family holiday with Alison (Mike’s sister) and her family in Croatia, which provided a completely different topography as we explored the beautiful and rugged terrain of the Dalmatian Islands and Dubrovnik. It was a delightful butterfly heaven!

Both destinations were captivating and breath-taking, and the memories profoundly unforgettable.

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Latest News: Products

'Balletic' by Nathaniel Mundia

A lot of firsts for us recently! We are pleased to present our very first limited-edition print. An original digital artwork by my brother, the romantic flamingos are beautiful and graceful set in a tranquil enchanted forest, captivating the viewer in an almost dream-like way.

The prints come in two versions, one in full image of the family of flamingos and the other with the couple’s head profile. The design has proven itself popular on the bookmarks, 5’ x 5’ greeting cards and notecards. Now in limited edition prints, we are hopeful that they’ll be loved even more.

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Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth

We have as well taken part in our first 3-day craft fair event in Portsmouth back in April at the historic Fort Purbrook. Thank you to all who came to visit, looked at our products and wished us well. Your generosity and kindness were overwhelming and your support absolutely amazing! It was so far our most successful event yet. We have two other fairs lined up in October and November, details of which shall be published nearer to the dates.

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Wraptious Competition

Another first was the Wraptious competition that we entered last month where five of our designs were advertised in assorted products such as cushions, archival paper prints and canvas prints. An incredible 4,338 entries were submitted by artists from everywhere and the talent and creativity displayed was immense!

As the competition concluded, 12 artists were shortlisted, and we were proud to have made it to the special mentions list of 75 artists who came close. Again, we thank all of you who supported us, what great privilege… what an experience! If you are at all interested in having the cushions made to order, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to arrange this for you.

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We are creating more artworks as this newsletter is being written, including the possibility of pet portraiture! We shall soon announce when this is available but in the meantime, we just want to say thank you to you all, especially the new subscribers and followers, for your love and support.
We genuinely appreciate you all.

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