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Greeting Card

Greeting Card

'King of the Winds' by Nathaniel Mundia


The adorable little wren can be found in almost any habitat where there are insects to eat and bushes or rock crevices in which to build their domed nest out of moss and twigs. It is no wonder then that it is the most common breeding bird in the UK, and mostly found expertly hopping and dashing swiftly along British gardens.

Compared to its slight appearance, the wren boasts an incredibly loud voice. Its beautiful, complex and melodious song is admired for its rich continuous trills, ascending notes and clear timbres. It is believed that the wren can produce two notes at the same time, its song almost unmatched among most garden birds.

The wren can be found referenced in Christian, Celtic and Norse stories, and is abundant throughout the rest of the world, consistently earning the title King wherever it is found. In Japan, the Wren is known as “King of the Winds”, in Germany the “King of the Fence”, and in Dutch, the Wren is known as “winterkoning”, or “winter king”.

Now featured in a digital artwork by Nathaniel, we do think he looks regal as he sets off to fly.



-5 inches x 7 inches

-Printed on Smooth White Matt 300 gsm

-Comes with an ivory envelope

-Printed in the UK on board from fully sustainable forests


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